Alcohol Resistant (AR)

A foam concentrate for use on polar solvents and hydrocarbons. Also called Multipurpose.


American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

American classification society that establishes and administers standards known as “rules” for the design, construction, and periodic survey of ships and other maritime structures. Approves foam concentrates and foam equipment.

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ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

ASME is an organization that develops standards and codes for mechanical engineering. Their guidelines cover various aspects of design, construction, and operation of mechanical systems.

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Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF)

Pronounced A-triple-F. A synthetic foam concentrate containing fluorinated surfactants that forms a foam capable of forming a foam layer that produces a vapor-suppressing water film on the surface of certain hydrocarbons.


Burnback Resistance

The extent to which a foam blanket is able to prevent re-ignition when exposed to flames and heat that are evident in a partially extinguished fire.



CAP-437 provides guidelines for helideck design and operations on offshore installations, ensuring safe helicopter operations.

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cULus Certification

cULus certification is issued by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and indicates that a product has been tested and meets Canadian safety standards, as well as UL’s standards for the United States.

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CNBOPPIB Certification

CNBOPPIB is a Polish certification body that assesses products for compliance with fire safety standards, ensuring they meet the requirements for safe use in Poland and the European Union.

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Compressed Air Foam (CAF)

Compressed Air Foam (CAF) is generated by the combination of compressed air, water and foam concentrate in the right proportions, to create a homogeneous foam solution similar to shaving cream.


Deluge Services

SIRON Deluge Services provides comprehensive maintenance solutions for deluge systems, ensuring reliability and longevity. Specializing in Dry Deluge Testing, we offer efficient methods with 50% cost reduction and 70% time savings compared to wet testing. Our services include inspection, cleaning, corrosion inhibition, and specialized engineering solutions. Our experienced team is fully trained and certified for offshore work in Dutch, Norwegian, and UK areas.


DIFF (Dynamic Interface for Fuel Flow)

DIFF Marsol is a system used for real-time monitoring and optimization of fuel consumption in marine vessels.

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DNV Certification

DNV is a global quality assurance and risk management company that provides certification services across various industries, ensuring that products and systems meet international standards and regulations.

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Dry Deluge Testing

Dry Deluge Testing ensures critical firefighting safety systems are fully operational, maintaining system pipe work and equipment integrity. This method, utilizing pressurized vapor instead of corrosive seawater, guarantees system functionality without the risks and complications associated with wet testing. By identifying and addressing issues like corrosion and blockages, Dry Deluge Testing enhances system reliability and extends equipment life. Moreover, it meets regulatory standards while offering cost-effectiveness, minimal disruption, and improved safety for personnel and assets.


FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

A FAT is a test conducted at the manufacturer’s facility to verify that equipment or systems meet specified requirements before installation.

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Fluorine-Free Foam

Fluorine-free foam refers to firefighting foam formulations that do not contain fluorinated compounds, such as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). These foams are designed to provide effective fire suppression while minimizing environmental impact and health risks associated with PFAS chemicals. Fluorine-free foams are gaining popularity due to increasing concerns about PFAS contamination and regulatory restrictions on the use of fluorinated firefighting foams.

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Fluoropolymer-free Firefighting Foam

Fluoropolymer-free firefighting foam concentrates are fire suppression agents that do not contain fluoropolymers. Unlike traditional firefighting foams which may contain PFAS chemicals, these concentrates are formulated without fluorine-based compounds. They are used for firefighting and fire prevention purposes, chosen for their reduced environmental impact and safety for both human health and the environment.

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FM Approved Certification

FM Approved is a certification mark issued by FM Global, indicating that a product has been tested and approved for reliability, performance, and safety according to FM Global’s rigorous standards.

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HSE Certification

HSE, which stands for Health, Safety, and Environment, refers to a set of regulations, standards, and practices aimed at protecting the health and safety of workers and the environment in various industries.

SIRON has a ISO-45001:2018 certification in place.

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IMO (International Maritime Organization)

IMO is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for regulating shipping. It sets global standards for safety, security, and environmental performance in the maritime industry.

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LPCB Certification

LPCB, or the Loss Prevention Certification Board, is a leading certification body for fire and security products and services, ensuring they meet appropriate standards for effectiveness and reliability.


LRS (Lloyd’s Register)

LRS is a classification society that assesses and certifies ships and offshore structures for safety, quality, and environmental performance.

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NFPA Standards

NFPA, or the National Fire Protection Association, develops and publishes codes and standards related to fire safety and prevention, ensuring the protection of life and property from fire hazards..

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NORSOK Standard

NORSOK standards are technical requirements developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible operations in the oil and gas sector.


SIL-2 (Safety Integrity Level 2)

SIL is a measure of the reliability and safety of a system. SIL-2 indicates a higher level of safety integrity than SIL-1. As the SIL level increases, the associated safety level improves, reducing the probability of system failure.

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SFFF (Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam)

SFFF (Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam) is a type of firefighting foam formulated without the use of fluorinated chemicals, such as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). SFFF foam is designed to provide effective fire suppression while minimizing environmental and health risks associated with fluorinated foams. It is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional firefighting foams due to increasing concerns about PFAS contamination and regulatory restrictions on their use.


The patented Dry Deluge Test

The patented Dry Deluge Test from SIRON Fire Protection Services eliminates many of the regular problems. It uses pressurised smoke in stead of sea water. Any flow problem in pipes and nozzles will be proven and can be established in an easy and cost reducing way.


UL Listed Certification

UL Listed is a certification mark issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), indicating that a product has been tested and meets specific safety standards established by UL.

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USCG (United States Coast Guard)

The USCG is a federal agency responsible for maritime safety, security, and environmental protection in U.S. waters.

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VdS Certification

VdS is a leading independent testing and certification institute for fire protection and security products and systems, providing assurance of quality and reliability in accordance with German and European standards.

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