As the official Benelux representative of Reliable sprinklers, valves, special hazards, special systems and corresponding system components, SIRON Fire Protection can provide exact information on these topics and supply them within adequate delivery times.

The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co. Inc. is one of the world’s largest producers of automatic fire sprinklers and sprinkler system control equipment. The Reliable company was founded in 1920 and has continued to expand, now encompassing a 450,000 ft² facility in South Carolina, USA. Reliable produces an unparalleled range of fire sprinklers and produce system control valves including Wet Alarm Valve, Dry Alarm Valve , Deluge Valve, Relief Valve, Grooved Butterfly Valve, Gate Valve and Gaskets also ITC Test & Drain. Reliable products are listed and approved by numerous approval bodies including FM, UL, LPCB and VdS.


Concealed Sprinklers

We deliver an extensive package of Extended Coverage such as the HSW K14.

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Dry Sprinklers

We deliver a comprehensive package of Dry Pendent and Dry Sidewall with a short delivery time.

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Extended Coverage

We deliver an extensive package of Extended Coverage such as the HSW K14.

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We deliver an extensive package of Nozzles such as the Open Sprinkler.

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Quick Response

We deliver an extensive package of Quick Response. From the highly reliable and frequently used hanging QR sprinkler to the Concealed Extended Coverage to more than 36 m².

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Reliable is one of the largest suppliers of Residential Sprinklers. That is why we have the most complete Residential Package.

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Standard Response

In addition to our standard SR, we also supply an extensive package of Extended Coverage such as the HSW K14.

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Storage Sprinklers

A very complete package of storage sprinklers. ESFR K14, K17 and K22 and also Control Mode from the K160 ELO to the K25 for a coverage of over 18.

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siron fire protection sprinklers stainless steel sprinkler j112ss

Stainless Steel Sprinklers

We deliver an extensive package of Extended Series Stainless Steel Sprinklers such as the J112SS, F1-SS SR and F1FR-SS QR.

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