About Us

SIRON BV is the operating company for Dutch and international activities.

The company is engaged in:

  1. Testing existing deluge extinguishing systems both onshore and offshore, using our patented Dry Deluge Testing method.
  2. Maintaining and replacing the above-mentioned deluge systems via SIRON Deluge Services.
  3. Providing ingenious foam extinguishing systems (Compressed Air Foam) to protect complex technical installations against fire.
  4. SIRON has the exclusive right to offer the Compressed Air Foam systems of the Canadian FireFlex Systems in Europe.
  5. The maintenance of the above Compressed Air Foam Systems.
  6. Supplying sprinklers and sprinkler-related materials to European sprinkler installers, with a focus on Reliable products of which we are the Dutch representative.
  7. The exclusive right to supply the US Dropmaster (a vacuum pump for the sprinkler industry) to European sprinkler installers.

Company Mission

The policy of SIRON aims to comply to the expectations of our clients with respect to all products and services. SIRON will always optimise efficiency in activities to assure that costs do not rise above standard. SIRON aims to perform its services within the time schedule agreed with clients. SIRON will comply to any desire of clients for (quality system) certification.

SIRON aims to find durable, socially and economically responsible solutions. Laws and regulations are to be respected in the process. All services are performed to such level and depth that complicated assignments also will be treated responsibly.

SIRON is proud of the DNV ISO 9001 and DNV ISO 45001 certification it received from DNV.


SIRON Fire Protection and all of its sister branches are proudly certified for DNV ISO 9001 as well as DNV ISO 45001. Both Management System Certificates reflect the attitude of SIRON towards Quality and Safety.

DNV ISO 9001

siron fire protection dnv iso 9001
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siron bv iso 9001 2024

DNV ISO 45001

siron fire protection dnv iso 45001
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siron bv iso 45001 2026

Don’t hesitate to contact us any time

Don’t hesitate to contact us any time