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SIRON Fire Protection is the perfect partner for all your fire protection needs.

We proudly partner with Reliable Sprinklers, Globe Sprinkler, FireFlex Systems, Angus Fire, JOMOS EuroSprinkler, GW Sprinkler, and Gecco Incorporation.


Our comprehensive range of fire protection measures includes
a wide variety of products and services.

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Our comprehensive range of fire protection measures
includes a wide variety of products.

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Valves Spare Parts

For projects requiring approved deluge valves, ITC’s, SIRON offers a wide range of solutions. We also provide gaskets and maintenance packages for these products.

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SIRON premium Water Spray Nozzles: Ideal for top-tier deluge fire systems, ensuring safety in high-risk scenarios like refineries, offshore platforms, and factories.

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Deluge Valves

Discover reliable fire protection with C300 Series Deluge Valves, ideal for challenging environments. Versatile design, precise control with 403 Series Deluge Valves.

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Dry Deluge Testing & Deluge Services

Our patented SIRON Dry Deluge testing method saves costs and prevents issues by using vapor instead of corrosive seawater, reducing corrosion in piping and infrastructure.

Deluge Services provides comprehensive maintenance for deluge systems

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Dry Deluge Testing

Ensure reliable systems with efficient, cost-saving Dry Deluge Testing, providing 50% cost reduction and 70% time savings compared to traditional wet testing methods.

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Deluge Services

Comprehensive SIRON Deluge Services for reliable fire protection. Thorough inspections, maintenance, and advanced testing solutions.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us any time