Patented SIRON Dry Deluge Test Patented
Deluge systems, water spray systems, watermist systems, foam systems and compressed-air-foam systems require yearly obligatory testing. Since these open extinguishing systems are the primary care in case of fire, it’s testing is a bare necessity for both human and equipment (and environment).

Testing of Deluge systems in the regular way causes an array of problems and difficulties.

  • It is a very time consuming process;
  • Deluge testing is a costly business;
  • Wet testing causes corrosion and/or salt crusting and growth of organisms in flow pipes and nozzles;
  • Spray of sea water over the entire production facility is a hazard for the expensive processing equipment;
  • The excess of waste water will flood the sump tanks;
  • During testing the production process of oil and gas will come to a halt.







The patented Dry Deluge Test from SIRON Fire Protection Services eliminates many of the regular problems. It uses pressurised smoke in stead of sea water. Any flow problem in pipes and nozzles will be proven and can be established in an easy and cost reducing way. SIRON Fire Protection Services will bring a fully equipped container on board of the platform. This work platform contains it’s own independent vacuum compressor, the Dry Deluge Test facility and tools & equipment for immediate repair of the deluge system.







Advantages of the SIRON Dry Deluge Test

  • Segmented testing of the deluge system results in only minor disruption of the operating process,
  • Preparation for Dry Deluge Testing is considerably shorter and cheaper than with wet tests,
  • Leakage of flow pipes is easier to spot,
  • Residual water from former tests will be blown out of the deluge system,
  • No sea water will spray on to expensive process equipment,
  • Sump tanks will not overflow due to extra waste,
  • No new corrosion will grow in flow pipes and nozzles,
  • No new salt crust will form inside flow pipes and nozzles,
  • No new organism like e.g. sea shells will thrive in flow pipes.


Dry Deluge Testing Offshore Video

To spare the deluge system and the expensive production equipment underneath, we do test deluge systems without salt water.

Through thorough testing of our witnessed smoke tests results are equal against full wet tests. Delug


Dry Deluge Test Explanation Video

SIRON Offshore Services offers a Dry Deluge Test. No sea water prevents corrosion in piping and on installations.


Dry Deluge Test

As part of our services, we test deluge firefighting systems in a new and innovative way. Our tests render the deluge systems safer and more reliable, while the expenses are reduced.

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